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Polybond Mineral Wool Sectional Pipe Insulation


  • Type: Mineral wool Insulation
  • Product Dimention: Customize
  • Material: Mineral wool
  • Finish: Plain
  • Color: Choice Of Client
  • Application: For Insulation Purpose
400/Square Meter
MOQ : 100Square Meter

Total INR40000(GST extra) Lead Time 5 Days

Polybond Mineral Wool Sectional Pipe Insulation

Polybond "Mineral Sectional Pipe Insulation is highly reused for pipelines in industrial refineries and oil refineries, chemical plants and power projects. Pre-fabricated pipe sections are designed for thermo-escalator insulation and at temperatures above 750" There is fire protection of pipelines. ° C.
The 'polybond' mineral wool pipe section is non-combustible, easy to cut, fit and has a high degree of thermal efficiency and strength.Polybond mineral wool construction rolls are made of bonded fiber insulation with maximum resistance to the passage of heat. It includes triple benefits such as thermal insulation, fire protection and acoustic properties. It can also be used to protect personnel who do not generate fumes and melt droplets.Building rolls are low-density insulation materials made of non-combustible rockwool fibers bonded with thermosetting resin binders. Polybond Building Rolls are machine-made factories laminated with reinforced aluminum foil or white fiber glass tissue or black fiber glass tissue or kraft paper on one side and are also available in water-repellent grade. .Mineral wool building rolls, being thermal insulation materials, inhibit the flow of heat and conserve a lot of energy used in maintaining room temperature. With its sound absorption and acoustic insulation properties, outside noise cannot penetrate. Its most important feature is fire retention which provides protection from fire accidents and extra time to save lives.


Polyband building rolls are developed for insulation of ceilings, walls and floors. These are also recommended for thermal insulation materials and acoustic insulation materials in false ceilings. Mineral wool is a very fast and easy installation of building roll material that makes the building envelope or interiors absolutely airtight.

Standard Availability:

Density: 48 kg / m? To 64 kg / m?
Packed in LD Plastic and HDPE Bag
Thickness: 25mm to 100mm

service temperature

It can withstand temperatures up to 50 ° 750 ° C and has a melting point of 1000 ° C.

Fire resistance

On testing IS: 8183: 93 our building rolls are non-combustible.Acoustic properties
It has been found to have excellent sound absorption properties.


It is compatible with all types of materials with which they are likely to come into contact in building and industrial applications.

Moisture resistance

It is also available with a water repellent property that does not absorb water by capillary action.

thermal conductivity

It has excellent thermal conductivity values ??when tested according to IS: 8183: 93.Biological properties
Our rolls do not contain or generate gases that are harmful to the environment, such as CFC'S, HCFC'S, HFC'S, Pantene or any gas that has an ozone depletion potential (ODP) or global warming potential (GWP).


It is on one side with reinforced aluminum foil or white fiber glass tissue or black fiber glass tissue or plain craft paper.

Type Mineral wool Insulation
Size Customize
Product dimension Customize
Material other : : Mineral wool
Finish Plain :
Color Choice Of Client
Packing Packed in LD plastic and HDPE bags
Application For Insulation Purpose
Trademark Polybond
HSN Code 6806
Warranty Period 1 year
Lead Time 5
MOQ ( Square Meter ) 100

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