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Aluminium Fabric Insulation Sheet


  • Type: Thermal Insulation
  • Product Dimention: Standard
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Finish: Aluminium
  • Color: Silver
  • Application: Roofing & Wall Ceiling
59/Square Meter
MOQ : 1000Square Meter

Total INR59000(GST extra) Lead Time 3 Days

Aluminium Fabric Insulation Sheet

Minaxi Poly Pack was incorporated as partnership firm, under the firms act, 1932 on 30th juanuary.2015 with the registrar of firms of Gujarat at Ahmedabad; Minaxi Poly Pack is established with an object to set-up manufacturing facilities for Aluminium based flexible packaging materials in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Aluminium foil based packaging materials manufacturing is relatively the newest version in new age bracket packaging industries across the globe. The attentiveness and benefits of Aluminium foil based flexible packaging material is immensely escalating in the buyer markets. The anticipated venture is exceedingly valuable in proxy of other plastic based packaging materials. Normal plastic bags and allied materials are progressively getting rolled back as per environmental regulation and guidelines.

We ardently craft and fetch to market new-fangled packaging designed to press forward our customers brand and assessment across the world.

Minaxi Poly Pack endeavours for brilliance in the packaging world, our product routine is unique and it is demonstrated in every order we practice. We are obsessed to craft your packaging to be as original, spanking new and ingenious as feasible. Through unmatched and shrewd philosophy, our squad is dedicated to assisting you apprehend your products visualization.

Type Thermal Insulation
Size Customized
Product dimension Standard
Material other : : Aluminium
Finish other : : Aluminium
Color Silver
Packing Roll
Application Roofing & Wall Ceiling
Trademark Minaxi
HSN Code 6806
Warranty Period 1 Year
Lead Time 3
MOQ ( Square Meter ) 1000

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