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Glass Wool Panels Roll


  • Type: Thermal Insulation
  • Product Dimention: Standard
  • Material: Thermal
  • Finish: Plain
  • Color: Yellow
  • Application: Roofing & Wall Ceiling
225/Square Meter
MOQ : 1000Square Meter

Total INR225000(GST extra) Lead Time 2 Days

Glass Wool Panels Roll

We started this Company with the spirit of Vision, Enterprise and Driven by determination. We are always committed to create new and progressive approaches to its operations, services and client’s satisfaction firm the basis of our philosophy. Our ultimate aim is to achieve the highest in quality, integrity, time schedule, efficiency and safety. S K V Constructions is our parent organization, through which we did civil projects exclusively in earlier decades. As soon as the rapid development in the modern era for PEB Structural Buildings, we were started doing the PEB Projects by amalgamating with the associates. S K V Constructions couldn’t meet the client’s satisfaction and time frames in completion while doing the projects along with its associates. Hence we emerged our own new Organization “S K V Metal Roofings” to bring all the PEB and Structural Building solutions under one roof. S K V Metal Roofings is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization; we are one of the top Manufacturer of PEB structural and accessories with world’s latest machineries by our own advanced infrastructure. Now, we strongly believe that S K V Constructions and S K V Metal Roofings are satisfying the clients at most need in Time and Quality altogether. We pride ourselves on being one of the reliable and trustworthy organizations in PEB projects in South India. We look forward to continuing to serve and support all of you in our efforts to exceed expectations and “we also assure that PEB will be the backbone of Industrial Infrastructure in future.”

Type Thermal Insulation
Size Customized
Product dimension Standard
Material other : : Thermal
Finish Plain :
Color Yellow
Packing Roll Packing
Application Roofing & Wall Ceiling
Trademark S.K.V.
HSN Code 8431
Warranty Period 1 Year
Lead Time 2
MOQ ( Square Meter ) 1000

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