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Mineral wool / Rock wool LRB Mattress


  • Type: LRB Mattress
  • Product Dimention: 1640X1220MM
  • Material: Rockwool / Mineral Wool
  • Finish: Plain
  • Color: Yellow
  • Application: Building Insulation
150/Square Meter
MOQ : 500Square Meter

Total INR75000(GST extra) Lead Time 5 Days

Resin Bonded Insulation to offer maximum resistance to heat passage. LRB Mattresses are spun from selected rocks, melted at 16000 C and blended to a carefully adjustment chemical composition. 

LRB mattresses, like all scientifically processed insulants is composed of fibres which are laid in the optimum configuration to offer maximum resistance to heat flow. To retain these exceptional properties up to the point of end-use, fibres are interlocked by lightly bonding them together using a thermosetting binder. Subsequently, Mats are factory stitched wire mash using a continuous stitching machine to permit a ready-to-use configuration.

Type LRB Mattress
Size Thickness: 25-100mm
Product dimension 1640X1220MM
Material other : : Rockwool / Mineral Wool
Finish Plain :
Color Yellow
Packing PP Bag
Standards IS: 8183-1993
Application Building Insulation
Trademark Any reputed brand
HSN Code 6903
Warranty Period 1 Year
Lead Time 5
MOQ ( Square Meter ) 500

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