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Mukta Roof Ventilators


  • Modal No: Mukta 24
  • Size: 600mm
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: AL+SS
  • Weight per piece: Apx 6kg
  • Application: Roof Top
MOQ : 50Nos

Total INR240000(GST extra) Lead Time 2 Days

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Mukta Roof Ventilators

These Ventilators constitute a system of noiselessly passing the outside air to the roof and attic space. Increasing temperature, heats up the air which rises to the highest point of the roof and passes through the gaps in between ventilator blades naturally drawing cool outside air to replace the air that has just left, allowing efficient air-flow.

Roof ventilators can be installed with minimum interference to the existing roof structure, and can be supported by the colors and textures to match your roof.

Modal no Mukta 24
Size 600mm
Product dimension 600mm
Color Silver
Material AL+SS :
Throat diameter ( in MM ) 24 Inches
Turbine diameter ( in MM ) 735mm
Turbo base type Polycarbonate
No of Blade ( in Nos ) 42
Base profile size Air Driven
Weight per piece ( in Kg ) Apx 6kg
Electric power ( in KW ) Air Driven
Installation charge Extra
Application Roof Top
Trademark Mukta Engineers
HSN Code 8414
Warranty Period 1 year
Lead Time 2
MOQ ( Nos ) 50

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