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Aluminum Roof Wind Ventilator


  • Modal No: MUKTA ENGINEERS 24
  • Size: 24 inches
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: AL+SS
  • Weight per piece: Apx 6kg
  • Application: Roof top
MOQ : 20Nos

Total INR88000(GST extra) Lead Time 2 Days

These are non electric exhaust fans working 24 x 7 , non stop with zero power consumption and warranty of 10 years. It’s easy to be fixed without the need for any kind of structural changes.

Aluminum being highly ductile and malleable facilitates complex design of aerofoil blades of the ventilator. These exclusive blades are designed to generate maximum resistance to the wind flow thus producing the rotational push. The Aerofoil blades also incorporate intricate grooves that guides out the rain water falling on it and prevents the same from percolating inside the premises.

Size 24 inches
Product dimension 24
Color Silver
Material AL+SS :
Throat diameter ( in MM ) 600mm ± 5 mm
Turbine diameter ( in MM ) 735mm ± 5 mm
Turbo base type Round
No of Blade ( in Nos ) 42 Nos Rolled Formed with lock washer
Base profile size -
Weight per piece ( in Kg ) Apx 6kg
Electric power ( in KW ) -
Installation charge Extra
Application Roof top
Trademark Mukta engineers
HSN Code 8414
Certificate -
Warranty Period 1 year
Lead Time 2
MOQ ( Nos ) 20

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