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Pre Engineered Steel Building Erection


  • Service Name: Pre Engineered Steel Building Erection Work
  • Service Type: On Site
  • Work Included: Contract
  • Spares/Items/Accessories: Excluded
  • Tools & tackles: Our scope
  • Application: peb structure installation
350/Square meter
MOQ : 5000Square meter

Start Date

Total INR1750000(GST extra) Waiting Time - 5 Days

Category: Services

Pre Engineered Steel Building Erection

PEB and Prefab Building Erection Sheeting Installation Puff Panel Standing Seam and Heavy Structure Fabrication All types of civil work.

One advantage of purchasing pre-engineered steel buildings is the quick and efficient construction process. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional, there are several steps to follow when building your steel building.

During the construction of a metal building, it is important to follow the safety and procedural guidelines set by the Metal Manufacturers Association (MBMA) and the Federal Trade Safety and Health Administration.


Service Name Pre Engineered Steel Building Erection Work
Service Type On Site
Work included Contract
Spares/Items/Accessories Excluded
Tools & tackles Our scope
Pick & carry crane Buyer scope
Application peb structure installation
To and fro charges Extra as actual
Accommodation Buyer scope
SAC Code 995455
Service location All Over India
Waiting time 5 Days
MOQ ( Square meter ) 5000

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