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Polycarbonate Multi-wall Sheet 2mm to 40mm PDM®


  • Type: PDM® multi-wall
  • Product Dimention: 1220mm X 5900mm
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Finish: Plain
  • Color: Customized
  • Application: Sky light
MOQ : 500Kg

Total INR175000(GST extra) Lead Time 2 Days

PDM® multi-wall or hollow polycarbonate sheet is an excellent engineering plastic with comprehensive performance, such as excellent physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal property & is widely used with perfect characteristics such as light weight, high impact resistance, light transmission, heat insulation and so on. It is recognised as one of the best construction materials. PDM® polycarbonate hollow sheet offers double side UV protection and, its UV protection is realized by co-extrusion technology, which makes the sheets weather resistant and prevents the yellowing. This will not only offer more efficient UV protection, but also can extend the sheets service life. Our advanced UV protection technology could prevent the sheets from yellowing for 10 years.

PDM® offers an extensive range of polycarbonate multiwall products and accessories, fulfilling the requirements of many application. The twin-wall or multiwall structure creates insulating air spaces (cells) that help reduce thermal (heat) energy penetration, resulting in a cooler area in the summer and a warmer area in the colder months. In short, multiwall polycarbonate sheets structure yields an energy efficient, rigid, impact-resistant sheet that is significantly lighter in weight than solid polycarbonate, acrylic or glass sheets. PDM® hollow polycarbonate sheets offer substantially better energy efficiency than any single-layer sheet. 

We are leading manufacturer Of Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets in INDIA. Our various kinds of multiwall sheets range include twin-wall sheets, triple-wall sheets, four-wall (honeycomb & rectangular structure), X-wall and double X-wall (five-wall and seven-wall) polycarbonate sheets with thickness range from 2mm to 40mm.

PDM multiwall polycarbonate sheets can be manufactured with a variety of options such as IR coating for heat insulation, anti-glare, anti-static, frosted, light diffusion, anti-fogging (built-in condensation control) polycarbonate greenhouse panels in various tints that reduce solar heat gain while providing greater light transmission and clarity.

This immense range of options gives you the ability to choose the solution that best meets the specifications of your application, with the right balance of light transmission, thermal properties, weight, load bearing, impact resistance and aesthetics.

Popular applications of multiwall polycarbonate sheets are exterior roofing (for greenhouse, industrial and commercial buildings like garden, carport, skylight, stadiums, swimming pools, bus stations, railway stations, airports, walkway, patio and pergola etc.), glazing, wall or building cladding, interior partitions, displays, and POP merchandising displays.

Type PDM® multi-wall
Size 2mm-40mm
Product dimension 1220mm X 5900mm
Material other : : Polycarbonate
Finish Plain :
Color Customized
Packing Roll Packing
Standards ISO
Application Sky light
Trademark PDM®
HSN Code 3920
Certificate Yes
Warranty Period 1 year
Lead Time 2
MOQ ( Kg ) 500

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