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PUF Insulated Composite Panels


  • Type: Sandwich Panel
  • Product Dimention: Standard
  • Material: DIN7504K/ANSI
  • Finish: Plain
  • Color: Choice Of Client
  • Application: Roofing & Wall Cladding
115/Square Meter
MOQ : 1000Square Meter

Total INR115000(GST extra) Lead Time 3 Days

PUF Insulated Composite Panels

Pre-fabricated Composite Panels or Insulated Panels for Roofing & Cladding are Sandwich Panels manufactured with profiled Color Coated Metal Sheets or FRP / GRP Profiled Sheets duly Sandwiched with PUF (Polyurethane Foam) as the insulation material.

The Panels are available in various colors and total thickness of panel range from 30 mm to 100 mm. The PUF Panels are ready-to-install and self supporting with high overall stiffness.

Advantages & Essential Features

1. Very high thermal insulation – Superb thermal efficiency & rigidity.
2. Ready-to-Install and self supporting. (PUF Panels are Load Bearing Sheets)
3. Inner and outer skin in Pre-coated GI / Galvalume / FRP Sheets are resistant to extremes of Weather & corrosion.
4. Very light weight to high strength ratio.
5. Ease of handling & installation.
6. For Roofing & Cladding provision of specially designed overlap system to ensure water leak proof & airtight joints.
7. Vertical & horizontal Panels are provided with Tongue & groove joints to ensure air tight assembly.
8. Monolithically Constructed Panels, hence saving on support structure, no use of wire mesh or loose insulation / Glass wool to be fixed separately and ease of handling & installation with less of labour.
9. Withstand against storm, heavy rainfall, wind.
10. Sturdy enough for temperature (-180°C to +140°C).
11. Fire retardant and Self extinguishing.
12. Low maintenance.


1. Industrial Building & Sheds – Automobile, chemical, steel, cement, power plants, pharamaceutical, commercial building, godown, etc.
2. Telecom Shelters
3. Cold Storage & rooms.
4. Pre-fabricated Shelters / Defense Shelters.

Type Sandwich Panel
Size Customized
Product dimension Standard
Material DIN7504K/ANSI :
Finish Plain :
Color Choice Of Client
Application Roofing & Wall Cladding
Trademark RoofCLAD
HSN Code 3846
Warranty Period 1 Year
Lead Time 3
MOQ ( Square Meter ) 1000

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