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Corrugated foam filler Multi Rib Profile Sunroof


  • Type: Corrugated Foam Filler
  • Product Dimention: As per Profile sheet
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Finish: Plain
  • Color: Black
  • Application: Gap filling
MOQ : 500Nos

Total INR20000(GST extra) Lead Time 2 Days

Corrugated foam fillers are used to fill the gaps created by corrugated roof sheeting at the ridge and eaves. Manufactured from hard wearing polyethylene foam profiled eaves fillers and profiled ridge fillers seal the roof voids to prevent dust, water ingress and can deter birds and rodents from entering and nesting.


  • Bi-colour fillers available (Black on one side white on the other)
  • Sold as pairs (long flute and short flute foam fillers)

Type Corrugated Foam Filler
Size As per Profile sheet
Product dimension As per Profile sheet
Material other : : Polyethylene
Finish Plain :
Color Black
Packing Box Packing
Application Gap filling
Trademark Sunroof
HSN Code 392690
Warranty Period 1 year
Lead Time 2
MOQ ( Nos ) 500

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