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Champ T400 Manual Metal Arc welding (SMAW) Machine - Ador


  • Equipment name: Metal Arc welding (SMAW)
  • Welding type: SMAW
  • Welding technology: Invertor
  • Modal No: CHAMP T400
  • Make: Ador
  • Automation level: Manual

Total INR0(GST extra) Lead Time 2 Days


Typical Applications :

    • These Energy Efficient, latest Inverter based rectifier units are suitable for Manual Metal Arc welding (SMAW) process with all general purpose and special electrodes like 7018 type etc
    • Ideally suitable for light, Medium and Heavy duty, all purpose industrial, structural welding applications both within shopfloor and at project sites including construction of power plants, Refineries and cement plants etc
    • These welding rectifiers can be also used for DC TIG welding applications by connecting suitable TIG control units (HF 2000 / 2000 AD / 3000 / 3000 AD)
    • Most recommended for project site applications, where easy portability/mobility, light weight compact machines are desired due to space constraints etc as well as when they are to be used at some heights above the ground level

Features :

    • Inverter (IGBT) based, energy efficient welding rectifiers for heavy duty structural welding applications
    • High power factor, high efficiency resulting energy savings up to 35% over thyristorised rectifiers
    • Provided with protections against Over voltage, Under Voltage, Overload and Single phasing
    • Welder friendly operation-Arc force adjustments provided on the front panel
    • Enhanced reliability due to SMD technoloy in PCB design and manufacturing
    • Robust mechanical construction – recommended for hostile operating conditions and heavy duty usage at project sites
    • Suitable for TIG welding at site by using external HF control unit like HF 2000 / HF 3000

Equipment name Metal Arc welding (SMAW)
Welding type SMAW
Welding technology Invertor
No of power source 1
Rated duty cycle 400A@ 60% duty cycle (10 minute cycle)
Modal No. CHAMP T400
Dimension 660 X 305 X 530MM
Rated power: (KW) Input KVA - 14@ 100% duty cycle
Operating voltage 3Ph. 415V, +15%, -10%
Make Ador
Items included Welding machine
Automation level Manual
After sale service Yes
Installation charge Free
Application Welding
HSN Code 8468
Warranty Period 1 year
Lead time 2
MOQ ( Nos ) 1

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