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Why Pre-engineered Buildings in India Are Gaining Popularity?

Posted by : Pebtrade / Posted On : Fri, 23 Oct 2020

Architecture has come a long way in the past twenty years. The current trend of Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs) is set to send the world of architecture through another transformational period. PEBs are building components that can be assembled on site. Typically made of steel, PEBs are great alternatives to traditional buildings as setting them up takes less time and resources. All structural components of PEBs are designed at the factory to meet the construction project's exact size requirements. The components are then transported to the job site and assembled on the spot using bolted connections. In the past, PEBs have been used to create small commercial buildings, storage units, and even complex industrial buildings!

Understanding PEBs

Pre-engineered buildings are usually made of steel and other metals. They feature a well-defined structural steel-framing system coupled with a strong metal roofing arrangement. The wall panels of a Pre-engineered Building in India can be made of various types of materials. The PEB manufacturer will add wall panels that suit the ultimate requirements of the construction project. For instance, a storage unit may need specific insulation features.

Overall, PEBs are designed to be air-tight, energy-efficient, and suit specific user requirements. PEB manufacturers have to cooperate with their clients to provide tailor-made outcomes. For instance, a client may request the PEB manufacturer to create a commercial building framework that boosts the building's temperature control.

Time and Cost-Efficient Process

PEBs can be designed and delivered within weeks of approval! Clients can expect their construction projects to be up and running months after contacting a PEB manufacturer. The PEB manufacturer will also provide foundation and anchor bolts to ensure that the site bolting process is fast and uncomplicated. Building owners can start raking in revenues much earlier than before as construction time is vastly reduced. This 'systematic' approach also helps reduce project costs. For instance, there's no need to invest in creating a unique structural component design or in on-site erections. Plus, all the structural components and cladding can be bundled together to cut down transportation costs.

Quality Expansion

Building owners often have to sacrifice either their desire to rapidly expand their building projects or their buildings' quality. With PEBs, they don't have to make this difficult choice. PEBs can be expanded either length-wise or width-wise as long as there are space and provisions for further expansion. PEB manufacturers often pre-design PBEs that are specifically meant for future expansion projects. There's no question of reduction in quality as all PEBs are manufactured in similar settings. Factory-controlled building manufacturing is much easier to monitor than on-site construction. As long as your PEB manufacturer uses high-quality claddings, steel, and paint, there'll be very few quality-related problems. Plus, PEBs require very little maintenance.  

Compatibility and Compliance

If building owners require their buildings to be energy-efficient, PEB manufacturers can add fiberglass insulation to the building's wall panels. PEBs rarely suffer from compliance complaints as all of the building's components come from one certified source. Pre-Engineered Buildings are more than mere metal boxes made from low-cost materials - they are the future of architecture!


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