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Pre Engineered Building Price?

Posted by : Pebtrade / Posted On : Thu, 13 May 2021

Pre Engineered Building Price?

If you want building that has Low cost, fast erection, good looking design, perfect quality control, high durability then Pre engineered buildings (PEBs) are the best choice.

How do you calculate the price of a Pre Engineered Building?

Factors that Affect Overall Steel Building Cost.


  1. RAW MATERIAL PRICE: Steel (raw material) is a commodity across the world and the price fluctuates with the market demand on an almost daily basis.

  2. DESIGN: What design of a building do you need? Do you want straight walls, tapered column, clear span, or modular framing? Moreover, how complicated is your design? Simple rectangular-shaped structures are the most economical. In addition, you will find a low-pitched gable roof costs less.

  3. DIMENSIONS: Obviously, the price increases with the dimensions of the building. Width and height are the most important factor who effect the building cost.

  4. OPENINGS: Along the lines of needing a customized building, extra steel is required for the framing of openings (for doors etc.) and will result in an added cost.

  5. FINISH: Whether its metal sheeting, brick, stucco or hardie board on the outside of your structure, or a mezzanine and/or partitions on the inside, your desired finish will have an impact on the final cost of your metal building.

  6. CUSTOMIZATION: Generally, standard-sized buildings are less expensive than custom-sized buildings, since they are more readily available through suppliers. If you’re needing a custom sized building, it can be more cost-effective to up the size a little and opt for a standard size.

  7. LOCATION: Dealing with heavy snowfall, strong winds or seismic activity will lead to additional engineering and material, adding to the final cost.

  8. CODES AND LOADS: What are the building codes for your area? For example, what specific snow, wind, and seismic loads are required?

  9. ACCESSORIES: Are you planning to add gutters, insulation, ventilators, sandwich roof panels, a mezzanine second floor system, or other add-ons?

  10. FREIGHT: Pre Engineered Building material ship by truck from the nearest factory to your job site. Consequently, shipping costs are included in a detailed building quote.


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