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Light Gauge Steel Framing System

Posted by : Pebtrade / Posted On : Sun, 24 Jan 2021

Light Gauge Steel Framing System


Light Gauge Steel Framing System (LGSF) or Light Gauge Framing System (LGFS) is an innovative and reliable construction method which is broadly used in the world and has surpassed wood frame construction in many design and construction aspects. It offers several advantages such as build ability, strength, design flexibility, sustainability, and light in weight which makes it easy to handle and hence increase speed; safety; and quality of construction. Nonetheless, it is easily influence by fire, that is why fire protection coating shall be provided.

Light Gauge Framing System buildings can be used as substitute of RCC/traditional buildings. It is used to create frames for external walls, floor, internal walls etc. These are used as the base on which suitable boards and materials are used to cover the framing. LGSF buildings look similar to traditional RCC buildings after completion.

The strength and flexibility of LGSF has led to increased spans, custom openings, curved wall, and different external facade treatments. These characteristics makes it versatile construction material. The elements of light gauge steel frame members need to be galvanized with zinc, aluminum or a combination thereof in order to provide long-term protection against corrosion.


Advantages of Light Gauge Steel Framing system


Strength & Durability:

The light gauge steel has great strength even thought its weight is low. Steel structures made from High strength Zink Steel offer greater durability, exceptional corrosion resistance and results in safer structures with less maintenance.


Light Weight:

These sections are made from light weight and high strength grade 550 MPa steel, and hence results in lighter foundations and buildings that have less probability of damages in an earthquake.


Fast Construction:

The structural steel frame can be erected quickly since the structural members are prefabricated and can be easily handled due to their lightweight.



Buildings constructed with light gauge steel frames have good quality which not only durable but also its maintenance low. It neither rot, shrink, warp nor suffer decomposition. Steel frames have consistent straightness and hence simplifies structural alignment.


Easy handling:

Light Gauge Steel frame components are light & designed for easy to handling.


Design flexibility:

Compared to conventional framing, steel framing can span greater distances, allowing greater design flexibility. Interior walls can be placed without load-bearing considerations. Steel frames are Compatible with a wide range of cladding, roofing and glazing options.


Structural Safety:

The strength and noncombustible properties of steel enables it to withstand fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes.


Easy Relocation & Expansion:

Expansion of existing structures, additional floors, etc. Flexibility for future expansion and relocation.



LGFS material is 100 % recyclable and hence environment friendly.


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