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Decoding the Popularity of Corrugated Sheets – Why are They So in Demand?

Posted by : Pebtrade / Posted On : Fri, 23 Oct 2020

Nowadays, it is hard not to spot corrugated sheets when we step out of the house. From buildings to packing – corrugated sheets are being used in industries across the world. The widespread popularity of the ‘corrugated design’ is easy to understand. Unlike plain sheets, corrugated sheets offer a unique shape and design that make them perfect for various applications.

Why Corrugated Sheets Outperform Plain Sheets 

  • Strength – The ripple-like structure of corrugated-sheets gives them a lot of strength that sheets with plain or other types of surfaces cannot offer. The cyclical folds on these sheets also make them durable. Any force applied is spread evenly throughout the ripple-like surface areas. Hence, any object that falls on one of these sheets does not cause enough damage. This inherent impact-resistance makes these sheets long-lasting.
  • Easy to Maintain – No water, dirt, or debris stay attached to the ripple-like surfaces of corrugates sheets. Hence, these sheets experience very little damage. Users don’t have to spend their time/efforts into cleaning or maintaining these sheets regularly.
  • Modifiable - Corrugated sheets are very adaptable. This flexibility makes these sheets so prevalent across all industries. Users can custom-make these sheets into any design they want. The sheets don’t crack easily, so even inexperienced installers can work with these sheets without causing too much damage.

Where are Corrugated Sheets Used?

Corrugated sheets are across numerous industries including -  


The use of corrugated sheets first started in the construction industry. Designers designed these sheets to protect homes against storms. Since these sheets are so cheap, they quickly grew in fame, and now they can be found in most high population density areas around the world.

Users love having these sheets as roofs because they are durable and easy to maintain. They last for decades without experiencing any significant structural damage. All of these qualities make corrugated sheets perfect for building a wide range of roofing structures. Be it a simple shed or a bus stop – these sheets can be found in numerous construction practices.

Packaging Industry

The packaging industry always focuses on cutting down material costs. Hence, it’s no surprise that packaging experts often turn to low-cost corrugated sheets when they need alternatives for paperboard or wood. Packaging heavy items become much easier when you use corrugated boxes.

General Construction/Manufacturing

Corrugated sheets have been used to manufacture a wide range of products. For instance, signboards on the street are often built using corrugated sheets. Any advertisement or logo printed on these sheets last for a long time as the ripple-like surface deals with water or air damage quite efficiently.

Corrugated sheets have been used as signboards to advertise a wide range of products. Corrugated sheets are also used to manufacture certain medical devices. For instance, in emergency fractures, doctors often use pieces of corrugated sheets as splints.

Corrugated Sheets in the Roofing Industry

Corrugated sheets are primarily used to create metal roofing systems. That’s because the ripple-like surface gets rid of rainfall water within seconds. Aluminum is the preferred material for constructing corrugated roofing sheets.


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